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We get that it can be difficult and confusing to figure out how much a website or webapp will cost you, so here is the short answer: $99 / month for a 5 page website, or you can pay ~$2500 upfront (perpetual). Need something more specific? Keep reading.


The lifetime cost of the design and development of a website or webapp comes down to three main aspects - Design/Development, features and integrations, and hosting / maintenance. Each project will have a different mixture of these three elements and will therefore impact the price of the finished product.

Design & Development

The design and development of a website or webapp offers the most variability in cost because of the breadth of possibilities on the web. The typical 5 page static marketing site starts at $99 per month as a subscription or at $2500 perpetually. This includes website design according to brand guidelines and web development. The subscription also includes free content or style updates on an ongoing basis, hosting, and server maintenance.

The complexity of the site, including additional pages or complex animations can increase the cost but we try as hard as we can to include as much as possible in the base fee. Our optimized workflow allows us to work quickly and efficiently which helps keep costs low.

Features and Integrations

You might not just want a static marketing site with a contact form. Perhaps your business could benefit from online scheduling, a blog, online store, or custom features for your client or team. We utilize modern web frameworks like SvelteKit, TailwindCSS, and Netlify that give us the flexibility to develop pretty much anything your business requires. In this case, a custom pricing plan will be developed that matches the requirements of your project.

Content Management & E-Commerce

As a general rule, integrating a blog or store will increase the development costs, while integrating a Content Management System (CMS) alongside will increase development and hosting / maintenance costs, as CMS’s require additional server headroom and more frequent management. Our booking system utilizes and comes free with a subscription.

Hosting and Maintenance

The cost of hosting and maintenance depends on the type, size, and scope of the project. Hosting and maintenance is included in the monthly subscription, but can vary for more complex projects depending on the required server bandwidth and upkeep costs. For perpetual projects, hosting can be added on for a small yearly or monthly cost. The use of CMS’s, e-commerce and payment gateways, or a custom back-end infrastructure can also impact the cost of maintenance.

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